FAQs – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Temperament Evaluations: WE DO temperament evaluate every dog before he/she can join our daycare. This helps us insure the safety of our charges, and that daycare is a good fit for your dog.
  • Train Our Staff: WE DO require more than a love of dogs to work at Ciao Bow Wow. While love is essential, it is not enough to safely monitor a group of dogs playing off-leash. Each staff member receives training in canine communication and off-leash play, and attends a minimum of 14 hours of professional seminar instruction each year.
  • Provide Immaculate, Healthy Surroundings: WE DO keep our entire facility impeccably clean, using all-natural, earth-friendly cleaners and disinfectants. We also diffuse essential oils from Young Living in our daycare and grooming rooms, to promote a balanced and soothing environment for your dog.
  • Offer Sunlit , Temperature Controlled Playrooms: WE DO offer the next best thing to playing outdoors – naturally lit play areas with 18 oversized windows, a year-round glorious 70 degree temperature; all-natural linoleum flooring; and window seats to view the streets and sky.
  • Limit Our Daycare Enrollment: WE DO cap the number of dogs we will enroll in our daycare, so that we will always exceed the amount of floor area per dog that is recommended by the American Boarding and Kennel Association.
  • Treat Your Dog Like Family: WE DO provide cozy, roomy bagel beds for your pup to play in, rest in and sleep in. We watch over him as you do, and make sure she’s comfortable, safe and happy.


  • Punish or Yell at Your Dog for Inappropriate Behavior: WE DON’T punish, we redirect your dog if he/she’s getting too over stimulated or tired, and provide a quite space for a 30 second to 2 minute time-out.
  • Charge for Your Dog’s Daily Needs: WE DON’T charge extra for feedings (if you provide your own food), medication administration, or a necessary bath or clean-up if your pup rolls in or steps on something smelly!
  • Leave Your Dog Unattended, Ever: WE DON’T leave your dog without a human leader, ever. Our playgroups are supervised 100% of the time.
  • Put Your Dog in a Cage: WE DON’T cage our charges. They nap in cozy crates or bagel beds from noon to 2pm, and are free to romp and play at all other times. Dogs that come for grooming are given the same attention and freedom in the grooming area, and are never caged.
  • Allow Your Dog to be Bullied or Isolated: WE DON’T permit dogs to persist in rude behavior, like humping, barking, or baiting. And we won’t allow your dog to become fearful and isolated. A dog that hides and sleeps in a corner all day while at daycare is not receiving the proper attention. Shy dogs can enjoy daycare tremendously when given the right, unthreatening environment, and we strive to provide that for every dog.

If you have questions about our methods, philosophy, or anything else, please contact us .


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